• Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

The boys get out of school approximately twenty minutes before Lexi is dismissed from her school. If all things fall in to place, meaning the boys have no detention for saggy and bagging pants, they then drive by Lexi’s school when the kids are just leaving class. Conner drove by at the speed limit…. his old teachers were on cross walk duty. His friend Joe also drove by in a fairly cautious matter. Joe stops at the cross walk and madly waves to his old friend Spencer while attempting to look cool (elbow resting casually on window sill while flashing his “grill”). The “grill” is your smile in teen speak. Spencer returns Joe’s wave and they proceed to entertain each other while Joe revs his engine and pops his clutch in and out. Let it be noted that Joe has a new muffler which makes a very loud noise. I am sure many people are impressed with his non-moving vehicle skill feat. In his attempt at the all important cool factor, Joe inadvertently pops his clutch and runs right into the rear end of Conner’s car. Not cool, cool factor is now zero. Crosswalk guards guffaw and people point. Joe calmly pulls over to the side of the road to inspect the damage. Conner’s little cousin witnesses the entire event and is the first one on the scene. The boys are not pleased to see her with her gleeful smile, they know this means trouble.

Five minutes later Craig receives a phone call from little cousin’s father. The boys have no time to make up a really good story and have to fess up to all the details. Joe hangs his head and admits to being rather humiliated. One would think that this was the finish to the day but the boys were just getting started.

We receive a phone call at approximately eleven at night. This usually means there has been a change of plans with one of the boys. One time it meant that the police were at the door but that was another story. Conner and Joe are now at “Fright Fest”, have no idea what this is excepting that it is approximately 30 minutes away by auto. Boys assure me that they are fine but that there is a slight problem. A person has backed into the side of their car in the parking lot. There is damage. What shall they do? Hand phone over to Craig. He contains himself and gives the boys instructions. Phone call over. Ten minutes later, the phone rings again. Craig answers and gives boys same instructions again with no shouting. Am suitably impressed with spouse. Boys make it home before curfew. An eventful afternoon and evening for them to be sure. I am sure the saga will be continued.

Update: It is raining……hard. The saga has continued. Will follow up later with another tale of older teenage son.

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