• Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Two five-hour plane rides, one overnight in Tahiti, a commuter jump to Bora Bora, and finally a 15-minute boat ride to the Four seasons Bora Bora. Kind of Funny what a Seattle mossback will do to get out of the rain.

On our first day of travel, we arrived very late and stayed over at a nearby Tahiti airport hotel. The hotel is within sight and sits atop a steep hill, where I’m sure an air-conditioned room awaits complete with a comfortable bed. We have four roller bags (two full of scuba gear) and two carry-ons. Tom wants to walk. We make it to the end of the parking lot at which point we gaze toward the heavens, our hotel seems that far away. Tom wisely says; “maybe this isn’t such a good plan, I think we should take a taxi.” Refrain from commenting that we should have taken a taxi in the first place.

Taxi driver literally groans when asked to drive the short distance to the hotel. Wanting to refuse because of the short fare, he acquiesces but charges us a fortune (25 American dollars); he says our bags are extra. Both of us are too tired to argue.

The room hot, so hot that only a sheet covers the bed. Turquoise curtains stare back at us as we lay in a puddle of sweat and dream of air-conditioning.

“Cock a doodle doo”, our alarm at 5:30 a.m. Room still stifling.

Petite dejuner surprisingly good. Tom has his heart set on walking . . . again. Ask desk attendant about possibility of walking to the airport with our plethora of bags. He says, “no problem, its all downhill.” Somehow, I think he is cahoots with Tom.

Gamely traipse down hill with two lightest bags. Naturally, my carry-on slips underneath the bag it sits on, and is now upside down. Stop to re-load luggage while Tom wonders, “What the heck are you doing?” Am already sweating profusely, ignore him and carefully walk down the steep hill. Reach the airport after ten minutes and immediately park myself under an immense fan. Other travelers stare at me as they hurry about their business. Too hot to care.

Paddle-boarding is available at the Four Seasons Resort. It’s supposed to be good for balance and core muscle training. A paddle board is a surf board with two foot-shaped sandpaper covered spots to stand on. The trick is rising to the standing position without falling off and hitting yourself in the head with the paddle. Tom is a natural and stands up so quickly I barely have time to get a picture. Me . . . not so much.

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