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Welcome to My Site!

I’m Shawn Underwood and I live in the suburbs of Seattle with my husband, Craig, three nearly grown kids and two misbehaved dogs Mr. Big and Mr. Small. 

When we can coordinate everyone’s schedules, we drag our children around the world for fun and a little education. What happens after we leave the four corners of the U.S. (I’m not geographically inclined) does not ‘stay in Timbuktu’.  Much to my tribe’s dismay, it becomes fodder for my latest story—a mother and wife’s just revenge.I’ve posted about all of these trips on this website. I just published a memoir of that amazing year in France called Mommy, are we French Yet? My shaky grasp of French led to some hilariously awkward moments.

It is my intention to urge readers to explore the world with open eyes and a sense of humor. And if you find yourself ordering a cup of coffee in a foreign language only to be escorted out of the café in the company of armed guards, then welcome to my world!

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